Sexuality, does it really matter?

Why should sexuality matter at all

Its a trap into which people fall

Making judgements that don’t mean a thing

Its only you it’s defining.

So you have a problem with those who aren’t straight

Maybe your worried that you’ll go the same

Other people make a play on it

I am LGBT and proud of it

Its like a badge you need to wear

But most of us don’t really care

Because we are what we are

And we’re all unique

Sexuality means nothing to me

I am an individual there is no defining me

I don’t have to justify myself you see

If you don’t like anyone who’s not straight

That’s your problem but there’s no reason to hate

If your gay and your happy that way

Good for I am pleased in truth

But I don’t need to have it forced me every day

Just go about life focused on one thing

Be kind, be good, compassionate and be loving,

And judge no one

Less they judge you

But most of all focus on being the authenticity truth.

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