She was puzzled

She was puzzled

How her husband stared

As she made love there,

To this guy under his command

He showed he had

Unusual demands

But she wanted to please

And he was really keen

And invited around his best friend,

To tend to her and do everything

And she submitted and succumbed

To his desires, as he undone,

Her clothes and stripped her bare

And took her there

And felt her husbands eyes continue to stare

And as his friend explored her every sine inch

She felt her body burn

And also felt him inch by inch,

Take her that much firmer and harder,

Full filling her sensual ardour,

He dominated every inch of her body,

Used her like something to be exploited,

A and as she moaned in moments of lust

Feeling his strength and his firm thrusts

She craved so much to put on a good show

As she felt her juices flow

She let him know by the rhythm and pace that she was ready to go

And hit her peak and barely able to speak

Her made her sweat as he did his best

To make her body ache

To make her weak at the knees

They were both so desperate to please

And as she exploded into fiery passion

And she writhed and climaxed time after time

Until no more, could she do

And she was now totally used and abused

And glancing over to see her husband there

She could see past the stared he cared and smiled at her

And let her know all was fine

And that he approved of how she had spent this time.

Via:Daily Prompt: puzzled

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