Conquering fear


Dark demonic clouds

We live under a shroud of fear,

Much of it self created

We deny ourselves the light

With an internal fight,

Letting our self loathing

And our self doubt take control

But this is not necessary

We need to uncover the underbelly,

Of why it is we self destruct

Instead of building ourselves up.

We need to realise we can be

Impeccable in words and deeds,

We can be all we want to be,

Just don’t lose faith,

Just don’t lose belief,

We can be the light shining brightly,

We can be what we wish to be,

We can achieve anything,

We can be amazing,

We just have reach out

And conquer our self doubt,

And conquer our fears

That we hold so dear

And live life impeccably true,

To who we truly are

Deep inside.

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