From nothing to everything

Our love started as a pin prick of light in a sea of midnight

An ebony blackness of nothingness

But there is never nothing there is always something

And as this pin prick of light grew

The darkness seem to take on a different hue

And as this light of our love grew hour by hour

It started to gather more power

And the darkness rescinded

And all we could see was the brightness

Until our light of love was so iridescent it dazzled all sight

Until it filled and took over everything

And suddenly the only thing existing was the light of our love

Yet we must not take it for granted

Because in the same way the light grew from that pin prick

The darkness could back again

And swarm all over and envelop me and you

So be aware and be mindful

Share your love in everyway

So be compassionate and kindly

And share your love in every day.

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