Corporate globalisation

Across all nations,

In the form of capitalist greed

Was meant to transform,

Was meant to lift us up,

As a humanity.

But instead of doing this

We saw the flaw in the plan,

It was all a concept to help the rich get richer

At the expense of those lower down

Do you get the picture,

The trickle down theory

Is an insult to us who rely on,

Scraps from their table

Just to survive and just to get by,

So we need to reassess our lives

We need to go DIY,

Set up our own systems

Of cottage industries

And work together to undermine their corporate greed,

So that we can achieve,

A society of greater equality.

Cottage industries are where we all work together

Where we all have ownership in this businesses which is fairer,

Where everyone’s the boss

And everyone’s the worker

And everyone gets exactly what they are deserving.

Capitalism is failing everyday,

Globalisation is failing us in everyway,

We need to be our own authority

And let our own minds lead the way,

Use our individuality, to make what we create pay,

For something that the corporates can never steal or take away.

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