Walking in darkness


I walked in darkness

In search of insight

Figures hidden in shadow light,

Flashes of fire and lightening sparks

Momentarily lighting up the dark

And faces appear here and there

Trying to test us, make us fear

As we tread each careful step

In hopes and dreams, in doom and dread

But we keep always moving forward

Knowing at some point we will find the end

Knowing that all thoughts are in our head

Fear only fear itself

Nothing ends us, not even death

As we are energy eternal

Walking in this darkness infernal

In the fire we will burn all

Traces of the past that hold us back

As we search for the missing knowledge we lack

We strike out and then attack

Through consciousness and clever tact

And inspire a spark from out of the blue

Create an ember

From which we grew

An inferno like fire

Burning hot and bright

And banished the darkness

And figures in the shadows

Out of sight

Enabling us to shine in divine resonant delight.

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