The joys and tears of being an expectant parent

I had the joy when I was younger

Of seeing my three daughters born

It made me go weak at the knees

It was the most awesome thing that I had ever seen

The miracle of birth

Is a precious event

And watching and helping them grow

Was the best experience I’ve ever had

The most fun times

And exasperating yes.

Then some years later

In a new life and love

I was expecting another daughter

And that was magical too

But in the hours during labour

She lost her fight

And without warning

Out went her light

It tore us apart

And broke our hearts

And every time I shut my eyes

I am back in the room

And I am holding her in my arms

So precious and beautiful

Only lacking one thing

That thing called breath.

After a time

We tried again

And now I have a son

And he is amazing in everyway

He makes me laugh

And drives me around the bend

But I know he’s another miracle in the end

And each day is different and challenging

But I would never give up on him

For anything.

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