Ego makes us cage our loved ones

Ego makes us cage our loved ones

It’s ego that stops us allowing those we love to be free

To explore all routes of love

Of sensuality and sexuality as well as spirituality

We prefer to lock them in a cage under lock and key

Making promises to to leave or not to cheat

Too scared of polygamy or let love be free

To egotistical yet also too insecure

To scared too find out if your love is weak or if strong enough

To withstand the tests of life and love

To vulnerable too paranoid

There is no happiness and joy

In controlling and Imprisoning someone you love

Nothing good can come from something lacking that much

I am confident and secure in my love

I can’t be doing with that jealousy and possession stuff

I am content with controlling my life

I don’t need to occupy my time

Controlling and obsessing over others all the time.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. This is a pretty interesting take on the relationships of today. I just wanted to mention that in the fourth line, did you intend to write ‘lock and key’ because it says ‘lick and key’?

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