Searching for the key to a balanced life


The trouble with age is the body wears down

But my mind still is young and thinks doing anything is fine

So I push to the limit, my physical being

Then I ache, I hurt and then I start feeling

Maybe I have done to much and should reign it in

But my mind wants to get fit and strong again

But my physical body says you got to be joking

Try it and I’ll show you what pain really is

So mind and motivation then gives in

And I go back to taking it easy again

And I sit feeling guilty because I know its not right

But through lethargy I have given up the fight

But I remember being fit, agile and able

It felt so good and I felt more balanced and stable

I felt really good and felt more confident

I knew there was not really anything

That I could not do and I wouldn’t suffer after

Now the thought of doing physical stuff sets off a round of laughter

From those who know me

Even though I work hard all the time

It’s less with my body, more with my mind

Life is about balance and I need to find the key

To unlock the answer so as to satisfy me.

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  1. I smile as I read this, because I’m still young and I feel like this sometimes. Some days, I’m energetic; Others I’m just tired. Oh, Faux… be glad you’re not MY age. LOL. 😋😁


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