Underground voices

Underground I hear the sounds

Of rebellion and change

I hear activists hatch schemes

Of how to achieve their dreams

Of an equal society

And a future that is green

No flags, borders, anthems to be heard or seen

Just a case of wiping the board clean.

No more wars or causes your told to die for

Just freedom and liberty for all

No restrictions on what you believe

Just don’t force them on others or me

Revolution is in the air

I hear whisper that dare

To think of challenging the establishment

And overthrowing the social elite

But this revolution will be one of peace

Using intellectuality

This is more dangerous than a gun or bomb

You can kill people but a belief

These whispers underground

Only want to save humanity

All these whispers really believe

In saving on this earth all other species

It’s all evolving humanity

Because it’s got stuck in material greed

I hear the whisper underground

I hear the subvert sounds

Now I want to be subversive to

Expose the lies and the fake news

What kind of life will you choose

Be a sheep or subversive too

An awakened being fighting for truth

Down in the underground listen for the voices

That are welcoming

And offering advantages

Of better and fairer world

With no no anthem. S or borders or flags unfurled.

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