Ouija ouija
Come and play
Ouija Ouija
Here what spirits say
Ouija Ouija
The devil’s at work
Ouija Ouija
Better stay alert
For the spirits are those often not at rest
The spirits are those are a obsessed
With messing with your mind and messing with your head
When you use the Ouija your messing with the dead.
Ouija ouija
Angels and devils
Ouija Ouija
There are different levels
Not just life and not just death
but those in pain and cannot rest.
Ouija ouija
As there is good and bad in life
Ouija ouija
So there is in death
Ouija Ouija
Don’t Mess with dead
Ouija Ouija
Something best left.

Girls and boys come out today
Play the Ouija and it will mess with your brain.

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